BUSINESS OWNERS: Here’s the June 30 requirement you may have missed

Come the end of financial year, it’s certainly commonplace that business owners find themselves with a new set of requirements to adhere to. But with all the daily goings on in your business, and the long list of things to take care of before the end of financial year, you can be forgiven for overlooking crucial changes from the tax office. By June 30 this year, all businesses must be using SuperStream, a standard for processing superannuation data and payments electronically. This is a significant change that most businesses aren’t aware of. What exactly is SuperStream? It’s a government initiative… Continue reading

A Morning with Philip Di Bella – Queensland BRW’s Richest Under 40 Self-Made Millionaire

If you wake up every morning craving that first cup of coffee, then chances are you’ve heard of Di Bella Coffee. The caffeine-supplying juggernaut was built by founder Phillip Di Bella, who started the company from scratch in 2002 and sold his empire for a reported $47 million just 12 years later. I had the chance to hear from Phillip in Brisbane recently, and his talk was inspiring, motivating and challenging – I am still buzzing over a week later! Phillip isn’t afraid to share his opinions. He’s famous for being outspoken in the business world and in the media…. Continue reading