Cryptocurrency Tax Adelaide

Cryptocurrency Tax Adelaide

Book a free Cryptocurrency Tax Phone Consultation with us where we can answer all of your cryptocurrency tax questions such as;

  • What your tax obligations are for the year
  • The best cryptocurrency tax software
  • What happens if you’ve made crypto losses during the year
  • Strategies to reduce your cryptocurrency tax

Miriam Holme (Clappis), the founder of Fab Tax Accountants, is one of Australia’s leading tax experts on cryptocurrency. Miriam has hundreds of clients across Australia, that she assists with managing their tax obligations, that are actively investing, trading or mining cryptocurrency. Miriam also provides tax advise and is the Accountant for an Australian initial coin offering (ICO).

Miriam has been featured in the media including discussing the implications of cryptocurrency and tax. She is very passionate about educating cryptocurrency investors about the tax implications of cryptocurrency.

There are various factors to do with cryptocurrency and your tax. You need to make sure that you have an Accountant that understands this area thoroughly. Miriam has helped clients saved tens of thousands of dollars from clients and their Accountants not correctly applying the cryptocurrency tax rules.

Miriam can assist you with understanding your tax implications including some of the following areas:

  • You are a cryptocurrency investor and assessing your Capital Gains Tax;
  • You are day trading cryptocurrency and your applicable tax deductions as a small business;
  • Application of the $10,000 Personal Use Asset exemption;
  • You are mining cryptocurrency and allowable deductions;
  • You have purchased cryptocurrency through your SMSF.

The ATO have flagged that they will be closely monitoring cryptocurrency transactions and making sure that people are correctly declaring any profits in their tax return. The ATO have wide powers to request and collect information from any Australian exchange, bank or service provider. It is very important that you understand your tax obligations with cryptocurrency and are correctly declaring any profits or losses on your tax return.

Fab Tax Helps With Crypto Tax Australia Wide

Miriam consults from offices in Adelaide and Melbourne, but has cryptocurrency investors from across Australia that she assists via email, phone and video conferencing.

Book in a tax appointment or a free 15 minute phone consultation with Miriam today.

Cryptocurrency tax expert Australia

Crypto Tax Tips For Australians From An Expert

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