Last Minute October Tax Special


Have you been putting off your tax? There’s now just a few weeks left before the October 31 tax deadline.


FAB understands that life can get busy and you just haven’t had the chance to do your tax yet. But we’re not going to punish you for leaving things to the last minute. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We’re rewarding all latecomers with an exclusive deal this October.


If you book in for a Refund Maximiser ($99) tax return with FAB before the October 31 deadline, we’ll reward you with another tax return FREE.* That’s two tax returns for the price of one! And with our Refund Maximisers costing $99, that’s 99 reasons to book in right now!


So grab a friend and split the cost, or treat someone you care about. FAB is making it super easy (and super cheap) to wrap up your tax this month and avoid the stress of having to do it yourself.


To claim this offer, simply fill your details below or call FAB on 1300 541 777 and quote the special code LASTMINUTETAX. We’ll take care of the rest.


Max your tax with FAB this October!



Claim your FAB Tax October Special

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*Offer valid for new FAB customers only. Tax returns must be booked and lodged through FAB Accounting by October 31. Small surcharge applies for more complex tax returns.
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